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Why are we the top social media consultants in Montreal?

Well for starters, we`re not social media managers.
Social media management is not the same as developing a marketing plan on the various social media platforms. Do you really want to pay someone to manage content for you on your Facebook and Instagram pages and not make any return on the investment? I didn't think so.

If you need a catchy phrase and overly produced photo shoot for your next Instagram post, we`re probably not the ones for you.

Facebook ads, Instagram influencers and flashy websites just don't work. Don't get me wrong, having an online presence is very important, as long as there's a purpose behind it. There's much more to marketing than putting up content and it can become quite challenging to send the right message and attract the right people.  Do you have a results driven process?

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Our # 1 and only focus is on results

Results are the most important of any online strategy.
Does your business have a marketing strategy behind it, or are you just applying the latest trends and techniques you read in some article? Does your fully optimized and responsive
website, that you spent good money on, have a clear call to action on it?
Or, does it lead your potential customer to a page full of beautiful content and a contact us button that rarely gets clicked on except by mistake?

Is your website on the first page of google, or are you running ads to a landing page forcing you
to keep an unlimited reserve of ad spend?
Do you have an email re-marketing system in place to contact potential customers who were interested in your products or services but didn't complete the transaction or call you because something probably distracted them?

This happens all to often. When you have an automated drip system collecting and organizing your contacts, it makes it easier to take time and reach out or hire a team to contact these potential customers.

I've met a few business owners who don't believe social media marketing really works because they hired someone who just came in and made things look pretty.

Here are some examples that may have happened to you and and may sound familiar:

- You hired someone that reached out to you through private message, asking to run Facebook ads for you. It didn't work.

- You then tried Instagram influencers and got a few customers but it left you wondering if it was really worth it.  You got a few comments from friends, family and fans but the rest were comments and likes from other accounts trying to get you to follow them.

- Next, you decided to go to an Instagram or branding workshop. You got some cool tips on planning, producing the content and then publishing it, but that`s it. They told you to "Build a community"and "Post engaging content", but what does all this really mean?

- You spent the last few months teaching yourself and learning how to do it yourself and all of a sudden, things change. It's no longer influencers but micro-influencers! "Facebook cbo strategy? What's that?"

All of this has nothing to do with having a strategy or clear path to transform your ideal clients into paying customers. The objective should be to establish a strategy that leads to increasing your bottom line.
Having someone build a solid plan and implement it into your business will help get things done
quickly and efficiently. For some it can be a question of not knowing how to do it or just not having enough time.
The work you do in your business should revolve around important aspects that lead to growth. With so many ever-changing platforms, performing the day-to-day online operations can become a grueling task. Above all, our time is not to be spent running after a social media posts and taking pictures.

Benefits of a well planned social media strategy

- Customers are happier because you have systems in place that benefit them
- you get to spend more time on your business and less time micro managing
- freeing up that time micro managing can be spent enjoying it with your family or loved ones
- the incoming profits will help you to scale your business, keep piece of mind and spoil yourselves and loved ones

The online market is constantly growing

We can`t hide the fact that the tech world and internet revolution has taken over. The internet has seen some great advances and exploded across the world having people reap the benefits from having their own websites.
Whether you have your own business or provide consulting services, a website is like having your own piece of real estate in the online world.

During the last couple of years, the number of e-commerce websites have grown significantly. As a result, people now have the option of staying at home in their pajamas shopping online for their favorite products or services at any time of the day.
Many business owners have seen the explosion in online sales and opened shop. Online platforms make it easy to set up automated that can accept orders and ship products while you sleep. Imagine that amazing feeling when waking up the next morning and you see sales have been made while you slept.

See what Besociablemedia.com can do for e-commerce.

People work at every time of the day today and have time constraints to visit
an offline store. Whether to pick up gifts for birthdays, the latest tech or even groceries, an online store can simplify the lives of those who are just too busy.

Website user experience

In this day today, it`s completely foolish as a business owner not to have a website.
Having a website today is like putting a trust seal on your service or product.
Building credibility behind your brand and providing yourself the opportunity to announce
it to a larger audience through your website is like having word of mouth referrals on steroids.
Having a web presence offers convenience for your customers, not only for the easy access of late night purchases but especially when parking access is limited.

One of the biggest challenges is designing a customer service experience that leaves your customers wanting more, therefore we design with acquired data to continuously deliver better business outcomes and happier customers.

Brands are built through experiences and no longer through advertising

You need an agency that builds experiences for customers. A social media consultant will use technology and creativity to design, build and implement strategies that increase the customer experience. We use data collected through various analytical tools to make it easier for customers to find what thy want. The goal is to help the consumer to make the best decision possible. Leave your audience with too many choices and you risk to have them leave unsatisfied and never return.
Enhance your customers' digital engagement by providing services and experiences that are relevant to their needs and delivered on trustworthy platforms with security.

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